Sellers August 5, 2022

The Federal Trade Commission is Protecting America’s Homeowners.

Just wanted to share this… Every homeowner who is thinking of selling their home REALLY, REALLY needs to make sure they talk with a LICENSED Real Estate Professional before putting their home on the market. Why? Because a LICENSED Agent has a legal fiduciary responsibility to protect your interests. The licensed Realtor has the skills and training to do so. It’s unfortunate that some homeowners look at real estate agents as “just salespeople”. In truth, they are the legal, ethical representative that protects your investment and interest much in the same way an attorney or CPA would.
So, if you are ever thinking of selling your home, please reach out to a licensed real estate professional. It would behoove you to get recommendations from friends or colleagues, interview a few agents, then make a wise, educated decision about getting representation for you and your family.
FTC Takes Action to Stop Online Home Buying Firm Opendoor Labs, Inc. from Cheating Potential Sellers with Misleading Claims about its Home-Buying Service
FTC Takes Action!  They Stopped Online Home Buying Firm Open door Labs, Inc. from Cheating Home Sellers with false promises.
Company Will Have to Pay $62 Million and Stop Deceiving Consumers about the Supposed Benefits of its Service

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FTC Fines Open Door

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